Muskoka Chautauqua Sponsors

FedNor Canada
Explorers Edge
Ontario Arts Council
Canadian Heritage
Clevelands House
Brandy Creek
Muskoka Place Gallery
Canada 150
Marriott Logo
Township of Muskoka Lakes
McLaren Press Graphics
Baytides Management
Metroland Logo
Classical 102.9
Moose FM
Celebrate Ontario 150 Logo

Individual Donors

Jackolyn Elliot

Jennifer Murphy

Kathie Nunno

Anne Clement

Margaret Atkinson

Diane Adamson Brdar

Marg Bartlett

Brad Burgess

Laurie Campbell

Charlotte Grahamdyball

Steve Grigg

Greg Hall

Jeff Hodges

Sheila MacIver

Mikayla Smith

Christopher Smith

Elizabeth King

Doug McIntyer

Donna McLaren

Patricia Marshall

Carleton Millar

Sonja Morawetz

Susan Murphy

Judith Needham

Roland Nimmo

Rosemary Norbruis

Gayle Nummelin

Mikayla Paro

John Wright

Peter Seybold

Sylvia Miles

Margaret More

Erin Monett

James Murphy

Jennie Keating

Martha & Alf Davis

Peter Sybold

Sandy Lockhart

John McNair

Elizabeth Clarke

Jane Angus

Marc Benoit

JP Bergeron

Massey Beveridge

Rebecca Brown

Donald Burwell

John Cleghorn

Patricia Collie

Michelle Vincent

Robert Visentin

Karen Wade

Terrance Wolf

John Wright

Holly Veitch

Sandy McIntyre

Seasons in the Country

Fine Thymes Bistro and Bakery


Collin Reaney

Mary Connolly

Donald Currie

Sheila Day

Janice Dunlop

Gary Elliot

William Etherington

Jane Evans

Megan Faulkner

Susan Fraser

Susan Gosevitz

Rudy Haggeman

Alex Hyslop

Linda Langford

Michael Lawley

Marilyn Leahy

Rene Leenaars

Kathryn Posluns

Deanna Rumsey

Katherine Sebold

Carol-Lynn Smilsky

Mark Stivrins

Donald Thompson

Audrey S. Hellyer Charitable Foundation

Jackman Foundation

Walker Wood Foundation

Smellies Print Shop

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